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Action Alerts

Please Thank Your Members of Congress for their Support of the Biotech Labeling Act of 2016

FMI applauds Congress on final passage in the House of S. 764, the Biotech Labeling Act of 2016.  

This bipartisan legislation avoids the consumer confusion and crippling limitations to interstate commerce that already are erupting under the current Vermont law and would be multiplied further by a developing patchwork of differing and therefore confusing state GMO labeling laws.  One single national labeling standard circumvents all disadvantages that a multitude of conflicting state GMO labeling laws would inevitably create.

The grocery industry welcomes this historic legislation that will both set a precedent for clarity in commerce and open up new avenues for providing food shoppers access to the information they want about the foods they enjoy and in the manner that is most convenient for them to access it.

FMI commends the House approval of this important GMO labeling legislation and we urge President Obama to sign this needed bill into law as expediently as possible. Please click the "take action" button below to send a letter to your Senators and your Representative, thanking them for voting for the agreement. 

Thanks for your support!  

Urge Congress to Pass Legislation to Fix FDA Menu Labeling Rule

FDA has posted the final menu labeling guidance. With this guidance posted, it is even more important that you contact your U.S. Senators urging them to co-sponsor legislation (S. 2217) to fix FDA’s “Menu Labeling” rule, and thanking your Representatives who voted for the bill when it passed the House of Representatives earlier this year. With the implementation clock now ticking, we need the Senate to move the bill to enact these needed changes.  

Please click on the "take action" button below. If you have not logged in previously, the system will ask for your address information in order to match you with your appropriate legislators. If you encounter any technical problems or need help finding out who to contact, please contact FMI’s Rob Rosado (202) 220-0642.  

Ask Congress to Oppose Efforts to Amend the Debit Reform Law

Please email your Representatives to urge them to oppose Congressman Randy Neugebauer's H.R. 5465, which would remove all competition and transparency in the debit card market.

The American consumer and main street merchants won a hard fought victory six years ago when Congress enacted reforms to the debit market that introduced competition, transparency and some predictability where there previously was none. Time has proven that the reforms have worked, small banks have not been harmed, consumers have benefited and the largest of the large banks continue to enjoy an almost 500% profit on debit transactions.

H.R. 5465 is a clear give-away to fewer than 2% of the country’s largest of the large banks at the expense of American consumers and main street retailers and employers in every Congressional District.

The Merchants Payments Coalition along with over 140 national and state trade associations ask all members of Congress not to co-sponsor and to oppose H.R. 5465. Please click the "take action" button below to send your letter.

Thanks for your support!

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