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FMI Food Action will enable you to:Find out who your elected officials are and provides information on where and how to contact them.

Also, be sure to click on the Key Contact item in the left menu and let us know who you are friends with on Capitol Hill.

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Action Alerts

Ask FDA To Modify Menu Labeling To Increase Flexibility and Reduce Regulatory Burden

The FDA recently extended the Menu Labeling Rule compliance date until May 7, 2018 due to the substantive regulatory and enforcement concerns expressed by many food retailers.  Now’s your chance to tell FDA you support this extension and urge FDA to change the Rule to reduce the regulatory burden on our stores and employees, while adding flexibility that will increase our ability to fully implement and comply with the Rule. Click the “take action” button below to submit your comment to FDA. FMI has provided a pre-written comment which you are encouraged to personalize. If you have not logged in previously, the system will ask you to register before submitting your comment.

Thanks for your support! 

Tell Congress You Support Debit Swipe Fee Reforms and Repealing Reforms Only Helps Banks Over $10 Billion

Republican House Leadership is gauging member support for H.R. 10 the “CHOICE” Act, which as drafted, will repeal the 2010 debit reforms. Please send a letter to your members of Congress to let them know you oppose efforts to repeal the debit reforms. In addition to sending this letter, if you are willing to send a personal email to the Chiefs of Staff in the areas where you operate, we will send you draft text and email addresses. 

Debit reform did the following:

  1. Provided oversight and allowed the Federal Reserve to place voluntary limits on how high debit fees could be set by banks over $10 billion.
  2. Allowed competition and required at least two options for routing a transaction increasing “up time,” competition, and security. 
  3. Protects discounting for cash and other ways to show customers the costs of swipe fees.

Please click the "take action" button below to send a letter to your members of Congress. If you have not logged in previously, the system will ask for your address in order to match you with your appropriate legislators. Thanks for your support! 

Ask Congress to Fix FDA's Menu Labeling Rule by Enacting The Common Sense Nutrition Disclosure Act

Please click on the "take action" button below to urge your Representative and Senators to co-sponsor the Common Sense Nutrition Disclosure Act (H.R. 772/S. 261) to provide the flexibility for supermarkets to successfully comply under FDA’s current menu labeling regulations and protect against legal threats set to begin with enforcement on May 5, 2017.  The same link will also allow you to thank Members of Congress who have already co-sponsored the bill.

If you have not logged in previously, the system will ask for your address in order to match you with your appropriate legislators. If you encounter any technical problems or need help finding out who to contact, please contact FMI’s Rob Rosado (202) 220-0642.    


For the past six years, FMI has been seeking common sense flexibility, such as liability protections for good-faith compliance efforts, allowing the use of central menu board for a salad bar, and preserving locally-made and locally-sourced foods.  But FDA has either been unwilling or unable to include these compliance modifications in their rules or guidance. The Common Sense Nutrition Disclosure Act (H.R. 772/S. 261) provides the needed flexibility for our supermarkets to provide the same nutrition information to our customers as required under the menu labeling statute but in a less costly, more efficient way.   

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